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18th Vine Pedestrian Mall Gets $1.4 Million

Many steps have occurred to revitalize the 18th & Vine District and restore its historical liveliness. On Thursday, April 13th, the City of Kansas City, MO, approved $1.4 million for the design, bringing the restoration of the District’s prominence to fruition. The goal is to increase foot traffic in the district and spur additional development opportunities so that the district may thrive.

Taliaferro & Browne, in partnership with Olsson and several other consultants, was selected to develop a master plan and concepts for a pedestrian and park-like mall that complements existing business and is a safe and friendly environment for farmers markets, festivals, outdoor concerts, and a general area for district residents to gather. The new 18th and Vine Pedestrian District will remove curbs and gutters to smooth 18th Street and become a seamless corridor with wide, 25-foot sidewalks and flanking two lanes of traffic. Parking will be eliminated along that stretch, with a drop-off area planned near the Gem Theater. It’s planned to be well landscaped with a small public square for performances next to the Gem at 18th and Highland. Attractive gates at The Paseo and Woodland entrances are to be installed to close the entire corridor for special events.