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T-Mobile Center

The T-Mobile Center is an award-winning live entertainment and sporting events arena that serves as one of Kansas City’s main landmarks. Formerly known as the Sprint Center, site planning for the now T-Mobile Center included four city blocks, making up approximately 8.5 acres. The utility relocation effort involved the coordination of activities for 11 telecommunication companies, one electric company, one gas company, one steam and chilled-water company, and city-owned water, storm, and sanitary sewer. The site clearing also involved asbestos abatement and demolition of 11 existing buildings and the removal of several buried foundations. Mass excavation and remediation of environmentally impacted soils followed the demolition activities.

What We Did

Taliaferro & Browne was a member of the Downtown Kansas City Arena Program Management Team and the lead engineering firm on the site clearing effort for this project. As the lead on that effort, T&B managed and coordinated overall activities for site topographic and property surveys, land acquisition, publicly and privately-owned utility relocation, demolition of existing infrastructure, environmental remediation, and construction support services.

The site clearing effort was completed within the one-year time schedule and $3 million under budget. The success of the site clearing effort enabled the City to fulfill its development obligation and ultimately allowed the arena to be completed on schedule.

Completion Date

Kansas City, MO

Project Sheet


Civil Engineering