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Rockhurst University Parking Garage

Rockhurst University Garage is a three-story parking structure with approximately 250 parking spaces on a 37,600 square foot floor plan and street level commercial space along Troost Avenue. This garage was the first phase of a master plan for the University.


What We Did

Taliaferro & Browne provided all civil engineering, land surveying, and construction staking services for the project. We also designed streetscape improvements, grading, retaining walls, and utility services for the entire site.

A significant portion of the design included expansions of modifications to the existing underground stormwater detention structure that had originally served the surface parking lot. The detention basin was enlarged to handle flows generated by the increased impervious area of the parking garage, and the outfall structure of the detention basin was modified to make the discharge from the basin function as originally intended.

For stormwater quality improvements, a swirl concentrator was designed to accommodate the flows from the entire floor plan of the parking structure.

Completion Date

Kansas City, MO

Project Sheet

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Civil Engineering